The Dr Tulp Fresh Cadaver Dissection Course, since 2003

We are a small group of young Plastic Surgeons from the Netherlands who started this foundation back in 2003 with the intention to provide residents and fellow plastic surgeons with the opportunity to learn the state of the art procedures from the best teachers in the world, under the best possible circumstances. We aim to give low volume / high exposure teaching on fresh cadavers only, in an open atmosphere where direct contact between students and faculty is highly stimulated.

Feedback from previous courses:

Wolfgang Gubisch, GER:

“I think there is no better way to have a training in facial aesthetic surgery than in such a course and honestly I have to say that, even I have been traveling a lot around the world, there was no better course I took part in ever”.

Daniel Marchac, Fr: 

“It was one of the best teaching courses I have ever attended.”

David Evans, UK:

“This was a most stimulating event for me to attend and the organization was excellent […] This style of teaching is invaluable and the use of fresh material is essential for the successful dissemination of knowledge and technique”.

Our next course:

This will be one of those scarce occasions where you will both be taught by experts and then be able to immediately perform the state of the art procedures yourself on freshly frozen cadavers, while being supervised by these same experts! Please click here for more information.