What the experts had to say about our previous courses:


Nazim Cerkes, TUR:
“It was a great pleasure to be part of the Faculty of your cadaver course. It was the best cadaver Course I ever attended.”

Wolfgang Gubisch, GER:
“I think there is no better way to have a training in facial aesthetic surgery than in such a course and honestly I have to say that, even I have been traveling a lot around the world, there was no better course I took part in ever”.

Simon Kay, UK:
“The Tulp course […] was a pleasure to experience, and I probably learnt more than I taught”.

Daniel Marchac, Fr: 
“It was one of the best teaching courses I have ever attended.”

David Evans, UK:
“This was a most stimulating event for me to attend and the organization was excellent […] This style of teaching is invaluable and the use of fresh material is essential for the successful dissemination of knowledge and technique”.

Patrick Tonnard, Be:
“I have to admit that I was surprised by the profesionality of the content and the organisation of the meeting. Working on fresh cadaver head is so instructive and educational, that I think it is even better than live surgery demonstrations”.